Aerocamaras and Peninsula Petroleum join forces to launch Drones Maritime

Peninsula Petroleum, the world’s leading independent integrated global marine fuel supplier and reseller, and Aerocamaras, the Spanish leader in the drone industry, have reached an agreement to explore the benefits of drone technology for use within the maritime industry.

360º service

Drones Maritime will create a 360º service, carrying out transport, technical inspections and audiovisual in ports and vessels, causing an immediate impact on safety, speed and economic savings for boat owners and operators.

Aerocamaras, as the leading drone operator and No. 1 training school for drone pilots in Spain, will contribute its experience operations carried out in more than 15 countries. All this, together with the knowledge of Peninsula’s maritime solutions, will allow Drones Maritime to generate a wide range of 360º services, which will have an incredibly positive impact on safety and save time and money for vessel owners and operators.

Inspections and deliveries

From carrying out technical inspections using HD, thermal and multispectral cameras to delivering and receiving paperwork and samples from vessels, both companies are exploring ways that drones can help make marine services more efficient. The newly formed Drones Maritime is also exploring how larger drones will be able to deliver supplies, goods and replacement parts up to 200kg in weight whilst the vessel remains in transit thus saving the owner and operator time and money.

Further applications of the technology include safety and security surveillance, marketing content creation, and emergency response and aid. By using drones, they are able to minimise, and in some cases, avoid risk to human life. There is also a positive environmental impact by using the technology as Drones Maritime are able to increase their monitoring capabilities, reduce the time a vessel is at port, and reach remote areas for disaster relief efforts.

Jamie Pereira Gil, founder and CEO of Aerocameras said: “We have been training pilots and operating drones across Europe for 7 years now. The speed at which the drone industry has grown is astounding and we are proud to be partnering with Peninsula. As a company that puts so much focus on customer service and ensuring the highest quality product, it seems like the perfect fit. We are able to continue our development of drone applications in real world scenarios and help reduce risk and increase efficiency for Peninsula and its customers.”

Founder and CEO of Peninsula, John A. Bassadone, added: “This is an incredibly exciting project to be undertaking. We have been speaking with Jaime Pereira Gil at Aerocamaras for a while and we are convinced that exploring how technology can positively impact our business and industry is one of the ways we can expedite their evolution. This joint venture will push the boundaries of how we currently operate and will open up a whole new service offering for Peninsula. We look forward to sharing Drones Maritime with the industry.”

About Aerocamaras

Aerocamaras is the leading drone company in Spain. Pioneers in the development of UAS, training, aeronautical management and professional services with drones. With more than 20,000 certified pilots, Aerocamaras is currently the best drone pilot school. It has more than 30 pilot centers distributed throughout the country.

Its staff include pilots with more than 25,000 flight hours, aeronautical consultants, aeronautical managers and specialized engineers in charge of the development of professional UAS such as the AeroHyb Hexacopter. This hybrid drone has up to 7 hours endurance and is designed to carry out professional services such as technical inspections, emergency tasks, security, surveying, precision agriculture or audiovisual.

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Wiebe de Jager

Wiebe de Jager is the founder of Dronewatch (available in Dutch and English). Wiebe is an experienced drone pilot (EASA Specific category certified) and has published a number of bestselling books about drone photography and cinematography.

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