Sunday, April 14, 2024
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AirHub Secure Data Mode App gives drone pilots complete control over their data and privacy

Drones offer possibilities that were not there before, but also create security issues that did not exist before. Organizations are more aware of the increasing risks related to data security when deploying drones. Last year, AirHub, in collaboration with customers, conducted an in-depth analysis of data security risks surrounding the deployment of drones. Based on this outcome, AirHub thought about possible solutions and took the initiative to create a secure drone control app. It is now available: the new AirHub Secure Data Mode App.

How does it work?

Built into the AirHub App is the drone flight control SDK (Software Development Kit) that allows drone pilots to have all functionality available through the AirHub App in a familiar way. The new Secure Data Mode function has now been added, so that a drone pilot can block all unnecessary outgoing data. Blocking works via the AirHub Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection that the AirHub App sets up as soon as you activate the Secure Data Mode. The AirHub VPN ensures that outgoing data is monitored and unnecessary outgoing data is automatically blocked. In this way, the security risks can be limited and all drones can continue to be used safely.

The unique thing about the Secure Data Mode is that all outgoing data from the drone is sent and monitored via the AirHub platform. In this way, outgoing data for functionalities such as video streaming, unlocking geo-fences and airspace data can be whitelisted and these functions still work. In this way, drone flights can be performed in a safe and efficient manner, meeting the safety requirements of any organization.

Do you want more information?

AirHub Secure Data Mode is now available for all Enterprise premium users. If you would like to know more about our secure solution, please contact us at

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