Tuesday, May 21, 2024
Industry update

Clear Flight Solutions announces new UK & Ireland subsidiary

Clear Flight Solutions BV (CFS) is pleased to announce the establishment of Clear Flight Solutions (UK & Ireland) Ltd, its new UK subsidiary. The new company was established to provide their expertise in wildlife management to the UK and Ireland markets. CFS will deliver their innovative small unmanned aircraft services to the aerospace, energy, and agricultural sectors. Their main operations will include the use of their unique Robird® ornithopter.

Ian Rogers, Managing Director of Clear Flight Solutions (UK & Ireland) says, “CFS is demonstrating its commitment to the UK and Ireland market with the establishment of CFS (UK & Ireland). We will be building a strong presence in the UK to introduce Robird® and a range of new products and services. The business will be looking to become a strong tool in activities to reduce bird hazards where it will contribute to making flying safer, reducing the cost of aircraft operations, and pushing the boundaries of technical innovation.”

Robert Jonker, Co-Founder of Clear Flight Solutions BV, added, “Clear Flight Solutions is expanding its presence and investing in developing partnerships around the world. We work with local businesses to deliver our safe, reliable, and effective products and services. Establishing ourselves in the UK and Ireland, we will be able to deliver bespoke services more effectively and to access the skills and expertise in the UK.”

CFS holds a Permit for Commercial Operations issued by the CAA which allows it to operate small unmanned aircraft in the UK. CFS operates its aircraft in accordance with the Rules and Regulations issued by the CAA.

For more information on Clear Flight Solutions, Robird®, and its products and services, please contact Ian Rogers at info@clearflightsolutions.com

Source: Clear Flight Solutions

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