Saturday, July 13, 2024
Industry update

First vessel fined for sulphur pollution after getting caught by Nordic Unmanned patrolling drone

With over 270 flight hours of pollution patrolling in Lithuania on behalf of the Lithuanian authorities, we have identified more than 10 cases of non-compliant vessels, with one shipping company being fined €10.000 for sulphur pollution. This vessel became the first known violator in the world to be fined under the new IMO 2020 regulation, using drone enforcement.

“Our drone monitoring service represents an effective enforcing of new regulations, as shown by our recent operations in Lithuania. By operating daily for over at least 5 hours, our clients experience a massive increase in the amount of vessel they are able to inspect”. Knut Roar Wiig, CEO at Nordic Unmanned

Lithuanian authorities could also report that only every fourth ship entering Lithuania was inspected before the implementation of drone monitoring. Now, they monitor around 70-80% of the ships entering Lithuania, with a drone that flies for at least 5 hours a day.

Additionally, it is expected that in the European Union, around 2-3% of inspected ships are non-compliant with sulphur emission requirements, but based on the data from the drone monitoring operations, the percentage of non-compliance seems to be a lot higher than the expected 2-3%

About Nordic Unmanned

Nordic Unmanned delivers comprehensive data solutions through industry-leading expertise, to assist both public and private customers in the transition to unmanned technology. The focus is to support demanding clients by collecting time-critical data with the use of unmanned technology.

Founded in 2014, the company has offices in Sandnes, Oslo, and Frankfurt, and has quickly become one of Europe’s leading providers of unmanned systems and services, with operations across the continent. The company is ISO 9001-2015 certified by DNV-GL for the for operation, maintenance and sales of unmanned systems and sensor technology.

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