Sunday, March 3, 2024
Market update

FRP Technologies first European dealer to distribute Doosan hydrogen drones

Doosan Mobility Innovation (DMI) is accelerating its plan to enter the European market with the first European dealer, FRP Advanced Technologies Aerospace & Defence, S.L (FRP Tech.).

DMI’s most recent dealer, FRP Tech., is a professional drone sales and service provider, supporting innovative drone solutions and platforms for the civil and military sectors. In particular, FRP Tech. plans to provide the optimal solution using DMI hydrogen drone by focusing on oil & gas companies and military demands that require long flight time.

By securing a new dealer, DMI will be able to provide product sales and services to customers in European market.

DMI CEO Lee Doo-soon said:

“We are able to enter the European markets that possess high growth potential through collaboration with FRP Tech. The hydrogen drone is a product that is highly compatible with Europe’s environmental policies as well as provides a long endurance solution. It is expected to be used in various fields.”

In addition, Francisco Requena Paredes, CEO of FRP Tech., said:

“DMI’s hydrogen drone can become a game changer in the commercial drone market with its long flight time. Hydrogen drones are highly likely to be used in various fields, from wind power plant inspections to public safety.”

Meanwhile, according to Teal Group, the European commercial drone market is expected to reach 760 million USD in 2021, and it is grow to about 1.8 billion dollar in 2025 as some BVLOS flights are allowed through the unification of EU national regulations.

About Doosan Mobility Innovation

Doosan Mobility Innovation creates the world’s first commercialized hydrogen fuel cell system for drones, which have 2 hours of flight time four times longer flight time than battery drones. With two hours of flight time, DMI’s hydrogen drones are utilized in various industrial fields including utility inspection, delivery, emergency monitoring, and public safety. Based on this green technology, DMI successfully launched our products in USA, China and Korea in 2019 and DMI is ready expand our business to the rest of the world.

About FRP Advanced Technologies Aerospace & Defence, S.L

FRP is a consulting and engineering Company that integrates for its Clients the technology of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) in the core business of their Companies in order to add know-how in an eco-sustainable vision that introduces hydrogen as fuel helping to eliminate of the carbon footprint. FRP support the Client for incorporate aerial platforms with specific ad-hoc engineering, pay load integration and AI solutions providing innovative solutions for civilian and military sectors.

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