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Machine Learning Software Upgrade Doubles IRIS and ELVIRA Drone Radar Classification Ranges

Robin Radar Systems today announced the release of a new machine learning (ML) software upgrade package for both its drone detection radars, ELVIRA® and IRIS®, providing an upgrade in classification range up to twice the original performance.

Robin has also announced that it’s adding 4D on-the-move capability to its Military Standard (MIL-STD) Certified IRIS® Drone Detection Radar.

The new software upgrade is based on recent developments in deep learning, a sub-segment of machine learning and artificial intelligence, by which Robin has been able to increase the classification range performance by a factor of 2.

Where previously, Robin’s low-cost drone radar, ELVIRA®, classified DJI Phantom drones at 600m, after activating the new deep learning upgrade, ELVIRA now typically classifies DJI Phantoms at 1.2km, up to 1.5km.

With the flagship IRIS® drone radar, the typical classification range of a DJI Inspire was 1.4km. With the ML upgrade, typical classification ranges increase to 2km, with 2.2km achievable under good circumstances.

That makes IRIS®, a full 3D drone radar based on unique patented ‘back-to-back’ phased array radars and covering 360 degrees, one of the best performing drone radars in the world when it comes to drone classification range. Especially when looking at low-cost and low SWaP (size, weight and power) radars.

And it’s good news for existing customers as Robin makes good on its promise to customers that they’re investing in a future-proof radar. The machine learning upgrade is a software upgrade only with no need to purchase a new radar. Note: in some cases video card upgrades are required in order to run the powerful ML software.

At the same time as the software upgrade is rolling out, Robin has also announced that it’s adding 4D on-the-move capability to it’s MIL-STD Certified IRIS® Drone Detection Radar. This development especially benefits military and police users who need to protect vehicle convoys while on the move.

Marcel Verdonk, Robin Radar Systems’ new CCO said, “We’re a new breed of radar company, dedicated to tracking birds and drones. We make military capabilities available for the protection of critical infrastructures. The upgrade we announced today, further strengthens our role as technology leader in this field. But the race to build the best radar detecting small objects continues. And so do we.”

The machine learning upgrade will be available as standard on new purchases from 2/2/22 and is available as a free software upgrade for qualifying customers. For more information please contact Robin Radar Systems (



Robin is one of the fastest growing technology companies in the Netherlands, providing actionable information to increase safety and security with its bird and drone radars. Its bird radars are used for bird strike avoidance at civil and military airports the world round, as well as for mitigating the impact of wind farms on birds. Its drone radars are used at airports, and for protecting critical infrastructure, military installations, and security events the world over. Robin’s installed base of radars is over 140 and counting.

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  • Is ELVIRA and IRIS can classification “Which type of this drone is?” or just “This is drone, not bird”. Thank you!


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