Thursday, June 20, 2024
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Percepto launches Air Mobile drone-in-a-box system and renews AIM platform

Israeli company Percepto has announced a new drone box system: Air Mobile. The new system is compact and can therefore be installed quickly at locations where there is a temporary need for aerial monitoring. The original Sparrow drone has been upgraded and is now rebranded as Air Max. In addition, the AIM platform has been updated. Falcker is the exclusive distributor of the systems in the Netherlands.

Air Mobile: compact and mobile

The Percepto Sparrow drone box system, introduced in 2017, is used worldwide under the most diverse conditions. From dusty mining areas to windswept oil terminals and remote installations, Percepto’s Autonomous Inspection & Monitoring (AIM) platform makes it possible, even under harsh conditions, to launch an automatically flying drone from a box to conduct a remote inspection or survey.

In order to meet customer needs even better, Percepto has now introduced a new system, which is both more compact and lighter compared to the original system. This makes Air Mobile ideal for use at temporary locations, such as a construction site. Air Mobile is also perfect for carrying out inspections of elongated objects, such as pipelines and high-voltage lines: the base station can be mounted on a truck if required and thus easily moved.

The Air Mobile drone features a 16 megapixel RGB camera, a FLIR thermal imaging camera and is powered by Percepto Core, allowing the system to operate autonomously. The drone has an IP55 rating and can therefore also be used in the rain. For safety, the drone is equipped with an emergency parachute. The drone weighs 4.2 kg: that is about half the size of the Sparrow drone.

The base station that is part of the new Air Mobile system measures 100 x 100 x 75 cm, weighs approx. 100 kg and has an IP56 rating. The box connects to the drone by means of an LTE connection. The box is equipped with charging facilities for the drone and has a weather station.

Duco Boer (CIO at Falcker) is enthusiastic about the new solution. “Percepto’s systems are perfect for asset inspection, disaster assistance and routine surveillance. Further advantages of these systems are that they improve the degree of compliance, security, data quality and efficiency in general.”

Air Max: New Payload Options

The existing drone box system based on the Sparrow has also been overhauled by Percepto. The system is now called Air Max. The most important change is in the new payload options: the Sparrow now offers the possibility to use an Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) camera. Furthermore, the Sparrow has a 24 megapixel RGB camera and a FLIR thermal imaging camera.

In addition, the Autonomous Inspection & Monitoring (AIM) platform that controls the Air Mobile and Air Max drone boxes has been updated. One of the new features in AIM 2022 is Insight Manager. This is an AI-based system that can detect anomalies. By drawing on tens of thousands of hours of autonomously executed robotic missions in industrial environments, Insight Manager is able to present visual data in a unified manner and provide industry-specific insights.

Percepto says AIM 2022 can integrate with autonomous drones and robots, as well as other sources of visual data, including DJI drones and fixed cameras. Stakeholders can easily access a map on their mobile devices that shows any issues. That way, action can be taken before a failure escalates into a more serious problem.

“Percepto AIM provides the most advanced and comprehensive enterprise inspection software that offers a complete data workflow – from capture to insight,” Percepto CEO Dor Abuhasira said. “With Percepto Air Max and Percepto Air Mobile, companies have a range of options to choose from depending on the size of their facilities and the flexibility needed to deploy drones.”

More information

Netherlands-based companies interested in the new Air Mobile system or the improved Air Max system can contact Falcker. This company is a value added reseller of Percepto in the Netherlands and has the necessary experience in setting up and executing BVLOS drone operations.

Duco Boer: “Falcker chose to become a reseller of Percepto because of their technological advantage over competing developers of drone box systems. The launch of Air Mobile underlines that. We are happy to tell potential customers about Percepto’s 2022 product roadmap and, if desired, help them on their way with the implementation of these new systems.”


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Wiebe de Jager is the founder of Dronewatch (available in Dutch and English). Wiebe is an experienced drone pilot (EASA Specific category certified) and has published a number of bestselling books about drone photography and cinematography.

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