Thursday, June 20, 2024
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Startup Dronetag launched the smallest and most affordable Remote ID device for all drones

Czech company Dronetag is launching its first product Mini, and it is the lightest, smallest & most affordable device that can truly scale up and coordinate any drone operation.

Many promises were made by drone advocates; drone deliveries, drone light shows, drone fleets, even drones as the new means of transport… But the drone-crowded airspace turned out to be quite dangerous and its coordination tricky, and so far, the futuristic promise has stayed unfulfilled.

Thanks to one Czech startup, we are one giant leap closer to seeing some of that happening. We aren’t jumping on flying Ubers just yet. Still, painless Unmanned Traffic Management is finally possible thanks to Dronetag Mini – a device ensuring the UAVs and their flight plans are visible to airspace authorities and other pilots.

Dronetag just launched its Mini product and instantly became the smallest, lightest, most affordable drone Remote ID device on the market – escorted by the longest battery life up to 14 hours.

Remote ID – why and for whom

The Remote ID is a digital transmission of the drone operator number and drone’s and pilot’s position. Due to the growing number of UAVs, there is a globally increasing demand for these Remote ID systems. New regulations are being approved on every continent, with the EU and USA leading the way and the rest of the market following their trajectory.

“Dronetag Mini is the only device on the market that offers both Direct (Broadcast) and Network Remote ID – which means it is not only ready for the current requirements, but it is “future-proof” for the upcoming needs,” says Dronetag’s founder & CEO Lucas Brchl.

Mini is accompanied by a mobile & web app and ensures the drones and their flight plans are visible to airspace authorities and other pilots. With the half size of a muesli bar, the weight of 32g (1.1oz) and the price of €249 ($285), it offers everything the drone market needs for current and future safe airspace coordination. The Mini is available at

About Dronetag

About Dronetag: Dronetag is a self-funded Czech company that develops an all-in-one solution for safe drone flights. The company was founded in 2018, and its vision is to provide drones with secure access to the airspace and prevent drone accidents. The startup continuously works with the European Space Agency – the team was incubated in the ESA BIC Czech Republic, and currently, it is part of the Aspire with ESA program.

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